Clixxa brings together traffic and advertisers with a cognitive layer to increase the value to both publishers and media buyers.

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Are you a wizard at generating traffic but can’t stand the volatility of offers when it comes to monetizing it? We want your traffic and will pay you great rates with quick payment terms. Not only that but we add on a data layer on top of your traffic in order to increase its value. Sign up now and deliver your traffic hassle free.


Are you tired of constantly trying to find new ways to get quality, targeted traffic and always being at the mercy of obscure algorithm changes? Are you great at monetizing traffic but would rather leave it to someone else to generate it for you and deliver it on a silver platter? Sign up now and pick the traffic you want right off the menu.

Key Features

  • High quality traffic from tier-1 sources segregated into actionable niches that enhance conversions.
  • Cognitive data layer that provides specific insight on each visitor.
  • Customizable user interface focused on speed, data presentation, and power features.
  • Upstream and downstream server-to-server and image pixel callbacks for end to end integration.

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